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Am I doomed to not having sex?

At *least* since early July (and probably for a month or so earlier), I’ve been telling my husband that I’m in a better place emotionally and physically, and I would love for us to start sleeping together again. It used to be that he was like a hungry dog on a chain, always straining toward me. But these days? Not… Read more →

Triggers, triggers everywhere

Know what triggers are? They are things that remind you of something traumatic in your past, bringing up those same feelings of pain, horror and/or anger. I think I actually have more triggers than this related to my husband’s affair. These are the ones I thought of today. Museums (she works at one) Sexting (they did a lot of that)… Read more →

Hidden anger still burns

You know how, when someone is angry with you, that other person clips his words, keeps eye contact to the bare minimum, keeps his face expressionless or grim, and lets every conversational attempt die? Yeah. That’s how my husband has been tonight. I asked a couple of times if he was angry that we had had a tearful conversation at… Read more →

My story: Dregs of trust

I found out about my husband’s multi-year affair in 2012, a few months before our 18th wedding anniversary. In the year or two before that, there was a very long stretch when I was barely functioning, I was so deeply depressed. I was recovering from a long period of being virtually catatonic with grief over a runaway daughter, stressed by… Read more →