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Here comes Peter Cottontail

Just a little update on the non-event of my sex life. Finally bought a new vibrator to replace the one that died when its old batteries rusted in place. (Oh, the metaphor there.) My old one was a boring beige — long and slender with an egg-shaped blob at the business end. I used to call it ET’s Finger, and it… Read more →

Retiring, horny & unhappy

My husband happily talks about my possible retirement next year if he gets a job promotion he’s been chasing unsuccessfully for years now. That job is one he could do from anywhere in the world. He sees a long list of options for us as a couple who will travel the world, returning periodically to a small home full of… Read more →

I feel helpless about his impotence.

I don’t know what happened first — my husband’s erectile dysfunction or the serious problems in our relationship. He has always put pressure on himself to “perform” (a verb I detest when applied to sex). I enjoy being in bed with the man; there is no need to try so much. (I say “much” because I’m really trying to avoid… Read more →

Am I doomed to not having sex?

At *least* since early July (and probably for a month or so earlier), I’ve been telling my husband that I’m in a better place emotionally and physically, and I would love for us to start sleeping together again. It used to be that he was like a hungry dog on a chain, always straining toward me. But these days? Not… Read more →