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The wisdom in my favorite YouTube video of the day resonated with me like a mallet to a gong, and I can still hear it ringing.

I highly recommend listening to Finally Free From Narcissism’s YouTube talk, “Followup to Entitlement to Attention.” She’s a professional dog trainer and a wise and fun YouTuber, and she told about writing to another pet pro, Suzanne Clothier, whose book she’d just read.

Clothier had some wonderful advice that Deb (FFFN) was kind enough to share. The author gave her take on how to deal with critics, be true to your own wisdom and continue learning.

The video is a must-listen, but I’ve listed below what I took away from it. This applies to work, personal relationships and more. Some of the bon mots are:

1. Don’t brace against critics. Just go with the flow. Do what feels right to YOU.

2. Don’t explain. Simply tell what you experienced and leave the understanding up to them.

3. Walk true and soft, listening to your heart and those with whom you choose to interact.

4. Decide who your tribe is.

5. Deeply educate yourself on what you choose. Use many channels to stay abreast of current thoughts in your field of interest.

6. Master the tools you choose to use. Understand the tools you don’t.

7. When you disagree with what you’ve learned, develop an understanding of how and why you differ.

8. Align yourself with those who hear the same drummer.

9. Strive relentlessly to use less and less to achieve more and more.

10. True, deep competence is hard to beat as a game plan that easily rebuffs critics.

Some days, when I’m listening to YouTube videos and reading articles and journaling, I feel like I’ve stumbled across a pretty pebble or seashell that I can’t bear to leave behind. So whatever wisdom I find there, I put in my pocket and call it mine. This feels like a fistful of treasure.

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