The profound disrespect of an affair


I find wisdom and incisive wording in all kinds of places. I read this nugget recently in the comment section on, from someone using the pseudonym “LovedAJackass” (and by the way, I love the name):

“It’s also the decision. That decision requires the cheater to devalue his spouse, to tell himself his promises to her don’t matter, the pain she will feel doesn’t matter, that it’s fine for him to know the truth about the marriage but she must be deceived, and that his lover will know, in word and deed, that he thinks it’s fine to deceive his spouse.

“What hurt me to the core was knowing that they had to talk about me, and that his words make me look like a fool or bad person or not worth anything at all. The affair signals a profound disrespect.”

Amen, sister. AMEN.

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