Author: Effie

Tapped out?

I watched a TikTok today about EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing). It reminded me of when I was in the mental hospital in 2012 for 10 days after my suicide attempt. My stay included one group session of EMDR. It wasn’t memorable at the time, so I decided to try it again today. No idea if I did it right,… Read more →

Cheating as a power play

This rang true for me when I stumbled across it today: “Cheating is a power play. People think it’s all sexy time and the Heart Wants What the Heart Wants bullshit. No, it’s a power grab. It’s a toxic dynamic of getting over on someone. It’s an unequal playing field. You invest all your kibbles in a fuckwit, and they’ll just… Read more →

The profound disrespect of an affair

I find wisdom and incisive wording in all kinds of places. I read this nugget recently in the comment section on, from someone using the pseudonym “LovedAJackass” (and by the way, I love the name): “It’s also the decision. That decision requires the cheater to devalue his spouse, to tell himself his promises to her don’t matter, the pain… Read more →

Yes, it IS a big deal.

My birthday and Mother’s Day both fell during my community’s coronavirus-related shutdowns. I’m not a greedy person, so — when asked what I wanted — I mentioned some perfumes I like and what color socks I need. Some of the perfume is in the $28-30 range. You can get socks from about a couple of bucks up to $10 or… Read more →