Privacy Policy

The language below was generated by a plugin designed to make this WordPress blog compliant with some strict new privacy law called GPDR. For what it’s worth, I am just running this as a personal blog, period; I’m not monetizing it with any ads or sharing data with anyone else, as far as I can tell. It’s just a blog. I put my thoughts out there, and people can comment if they want. If their comments seems to request a response, I will respond.

The only user “data” that I can think of that this page might refer to is a comment that a site visitor voluntarily leaves. 

Sorry if this is all sort of confusing. It is to me too. I’m trying to do the right thing by including this lame-ass privacy policy. Please just know that all I want to do online is start a conversation, not violate someone’s privacy or make money from this.

— Effie Stillhertz

(P.S., in case you don’t read this elsewhere on this blog, my name used here is a pseudonym because of the personal nature of my topics.)

Data Access Request