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Comfort and insight: Online, even if nowhere else

YouTube channels and Facebook groups have been a source of comfort and perspective for me lately. So I’m sharing the wealth. Current faves on YouTube The ones that resonate most for me: Homonculus Mandrake (funny, painful, authentic recounting of a man working through being discarded by his narc wife) [Update: He has closed his channel.] Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach (insightful, very… Read more →

Betrayal trauma — so it has a name

Learned a new phrase today: “Betrayal trauma.” I’ve been looking for a handle that describes how I feel, and this one is it. Calling what I’m going through “PTSD” doesn’t seem right. It feels wrong to use a term that applies to suffering veterans. “Betrayal trauma” is more precise to just what I’ve gone through since his affair. I’m kind of… Read more →