Category: Guilt and Shame

Thinking of Paris. And him.

My husband astonished me last weekend with the announcement he would like to take me and our daughters on a brief trip to Paris early next year. It’s a luxury that he promised many years ago when we were broke newlyweds, and he’s very pleased that he found a deal through his workplace’s discounts program that finally makes it affordable for us.… Read more →

Some Debbie-Downer observations

Some recent random observations that either occurred to me or were voiced by others (and which I identified with): Recent therapy session My therapist and I discussed my realization that my husband may love me, but he loves himself more, even though my husband fondly thinks of himself as a deeply-in-love romantic. My therapist agreed. It’s not as gut-wrenching of an… Read more →

The year of shame and shunning

One of the things I’m working on with my therapist is ostracism. (Everything in my life isn’t about my husband’s affair, people. Although, come to think of it, he ostracised me too. Hmm.) I keep thinking of how often and how powerfully the theme of ostracism has reared its ugly warty head in my life, and I really want to work… Read more →